Easy Tomato Salad

Vine-riped Tomatoes While summer is still months away and the winter here in New York seems never-ending, I did feel the urge to eat a Tomato Salad the other day. A risky endeavor, because often the tomatoes we find in the vegetable isle are mealy and lack that luscious, summary aroma that a foodie craves. In the off-season I seem to have the best results with the smaller tomatoes, the heirlooms, and organically grown fruit. Whatever your supply, this recipe is called Easy Tomato Salad for a reason.

Easy Tomato Salad


Italian red wine vinegar (just the regular kind) adds nice acidity to this dressing. A touch of honey will soften the punch of the sharp vinegar. Mix it all with Italian olive oil and salt and pepper, and you are set on the salad dressing. My measurements are not quite precise here, so in order to get the vinaigrette right you’ll have to taste it. Maybe a little more salt; is that enough sugar? Need to avoid an overwhelming acidity‚Ķ and maybe some more olive oil? Experiment and you will get your own standard formula established. Here are the rough proportions:

1 tablespoon honey
3 tablespoons vinegar
6 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil
salt and pepper to taste

I forgo mustard in this recipe because I feel the dressing does not have to be fully emulsified. It is ok to see a little oil floating on top. When you mix the quartered tomatoes with the dressing the whole thing will develop a nice melange of tomato juice, vinegar, and oil. And of course onions should not be absent from any tomato salad. But they can’t be too overwhelming. So I chop a couple scallions to achieve the desired taste. The whole thing could not be easier—try it!

Guten Appetit!


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