Humble crumble: easy finish to a perfect dinner

Blueberry and Pineapple Crumble

When it comes to desserts the world seems to fall into two camps: chocolate lovers and fruit lovers. No one will ever accuse me of short-serving my many chocolate-loving guests, but this one’s for the other half. This simple blueberry and pineapple crumble will delight all fruit lovers at the dinner table, and maybe even… 

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Pan-roasted cod with Radish Juice and Potato Puree

Pan-roasted cod with radish juice and potato puree

It’s not every day that the humble radish, which just happens to be sprouting in my vegetable garden this week, gets the royal treatment. Loved by some but disliked by many, the radish often exists most comfortably in the neglected corners of a crudités plate. But today we’re making it the hero of our dish: it serves not only as the vegetable… 

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Baked Sweet Potato Fries

Baked sweet potato fries

Sweet potatoes are not very well known in Germany. I remember my first American Thanksgiving, eating a sweet and heavily marsh-mellowed sweet potato puree. My skilled tongue could still identify, underneath all that sugary stuff, the true flavor of the sweet potato. That something-something between potato and carrot, I thought, is one worthy of a… 

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Salute to Healthy Cooking

Favorite Cookbooks: If I had to choose just one…

We’ve all played the stranded-on-an-island game (“What would you take…?”). I can play this game. I like collecting cookbooks, and a great many are lining my bookshelves. Nevertheless, there are a few that I find myself returning to over and over again. Somehow the recipes feel just right. Over the years the pages show the signs… 

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Sunchoke Soup with Watercress Puree

Sunchoke Soup with Watercress Puree and Pickled Radishes

This Sunchoke Soup (or, if you like, Jerusalem Artichoke Soup) is an elegant opening course for a festive Winter Dinner with your friends. The overall dish with its three components requires a little planning and diligent execution in order to achieve the desired outcome. In other words: this is not a last-minute endeavor and does… 

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