Simple Pleasure: Sourdough Bread

Bread and Butter A slice of crusty sourdough bread with some good butter is one of the simple and great food pleasures a foodie (or even a non-foodie!)  can have. It’s hard to find this kind of bread, even in New York City. Growing up in Germany, we had multiple bakeries just around the corner from our home. Some of them had been baking their breads for more than a hundred years—truly! They were not the soft and sweet breads that you so often find here in the US. Their crust was crisp, even hard to cut. Slicing the loaf would create a myriad of breadcrumbs (every one of them readily edible), and that wonderful crackling noise that fresh bread should have. And the smell—ahhh.

I am so happy to have found a little artisanal bakery in Miami Beach, on a recent trip: True Loaf Bakery. Steeped in old European bread baking technique, their rustic sourdough bread reminded me of my good ol’ days (wait—how old do you need to be to say that?). I simply loved it.

Check out more detail about the True Loaf Bakery here. If you’re visiting Miami Beach, don’t miss a visit—it’s located at 1894 Bay Road.




  1. Stevie says

    Lovely. Is a recipe hiding somewhere? ;-). Indeed, I have been all about soda bread in honor of St .Patrick’s Day. In general, I can never get enough raisins – love raisin bread and usually have a slice or 2 at breakfast!

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