Welcome to my new Blog – Cooking delicious food for friends and family

Jan Siegmund For the last 12 months I have been happily blogging away on my Tumblr:  food adventures, victories—and failures—in my kitchen. Now it’s time to step it up and venture into the big world of wordpress.

Cooking great food to the best of my ability has long been a passion of mine. I started cooking in college—ramen noodles be damned!  My grandma’s simple, yet healthy country cooking was an important inspiration for me. Living in Northern Germany, she grew most of her vegetables and fruits in her garden (in Germany, we grow our fruit trees in the garden). She always preferred the fruit-and-vegetable garden over the front lawn. I have wonderful memories of her and much of this food will trace its inspiration back to her cooking.

You will find beautiful and, I hope, inspiring food photos and corresponding recipes in this blog. I aim to help you prepare healthy, cost-effective meals. But my food should also have a certain elegance to it (I guess you’ll be the judge…). I just feel that an elegant dinner table with beautiful food is one of the most fun things you can share with your friends and family. At my house, we do dinner parties almost every weekend, and you’re invited to participate—passively, I’ll admit—in those parties when you follow my blog.

Welcome to My New York Kitchen.  Guten Appetit!


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